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Spacious Campus

WE at Vignan always believe that our institutions should be spacious and located in peaceful surroundings away from urban pollution and distractions. We are also committed to providing our students with the best infrastructure possible.

While many institutions admit children without providing even the basic amenities, we enroll the children only after the premises are ready in all respects. All the campuses of Vignan are well-designed and built with a purpose. All classrooms are airy, bright, spacious, print-rich and resourceful, fostering the best learning environment possible.

Along with well-planned infrastructure, Vignan has huge playgrounds and ample games and sports facilities. The hostels and residential areas are within the premises, yet at a reasonable distance to avoid disturbance for the academic activities.

At Vignan, the location, the surroundings, the buildings, the landscape, and the playgrounds, or in a word, the entire infrastructure is conducive to the mental and the physical growth of the child. Today, we have spread our quality education to Guntur, Hyderabad, Vizag, Rajahmundry, Eluru, and Charla.


AS we step into the third decade of the millennium, we believe technology should be interwoven with the ‘teaching‘ mechanism modernizing the curriculum across the various disciplines and levels. It is an acknowledged fact that teaching through a multi-sensory approach, in which all the five senses are tapped, will not only leave a lasting impact on young minds, but will also be very student-friendly.

In order to create this lasting impact on the younger generation, Vignan Schools are equipped with digital classrooms that use audio-visual methods of engaging students in their lessons. Embedded with modern-day technologies, we have cent percent digital classrooms that offer an interactive environment to the students where they can clear all their concepts while having endless fun.

Apart from this, “Vignan Schools Smart Classes” are also driven by a vast library of digital learning resources that are precisely mapped to fit the objectives of day-to-day learning.

A large number of 3D and 2D multimedia modules that are highly animated and customized to specific lessons make up the content repository. With the aid of captivating and instructionally sound animated images, a teacher can provide a selected lesson to the class using smart class technology frame by frame.

Computer Lab

TECHNOLOGY has become an integral part of our daily life to the extent that it is inseparable. Vignan reacted to it positively. With computer education becoming an increasingly important part of modern life, we have prioritized training students and teachers in computer skills. Students are provided with computer education right from the lower primary level. Apart from the regular syllabus, special courses on coding languages, animation, graphic designing, etc., are imparted. Teachers are given special training in MS Office to bring in more efficiency.

Our computer lab is well equipped with the latest high-end systems and internet facility. It maintains an ideal student-Device ratio of 1:1

English Lab

The LATEST research indicates that a child possesses the ability to pick up the language even at the age of two. English, the acknowledged global language, puts a lot of emphasis on training students to speak and write it well. Our course books are designed to aid children in becoming natural and proficient language users from an early age.

A structured language curriculum under the guidance of expert teachers has been designed for students right from 3rd standard to acquaint them with all four linguistic skills, viz. Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Our English language lab plays a central role in the language learning process. In collaboration with WordsWorth English Laboratory, we have enhanced the state-of-the-art English lab with innovative tools such as digital multimedia control, headsets, and microphones to help students with proper pronunciation. 

The facility also helps the students to listen to the pre-recorded content of native speakers and linguistic experts, which allows them to standardize their accents and pronunciation.

Early exposure to these provides the students with an edge while appearing for competitive exams like IELTS and TOEFL and provides them with the confidence to become global citizens.

Also, considering that our students need adequate opportunities to speak English outside the school, we create maximum avenues for them at the school itself. We have appointed English teachers who have yet to become acquainted with the local language so that all classroom communication is done only in English. This step has been highly successful.

Chemistry Lab

STUDY of science is complete with a proper appreciation of the scientific principles involved. Children from the upper primary level are allowed to conduct experiments in the subjects of Biological Science, Physical Sciences, and Mathematics. This fosters an inquisitive spirit and a scientific temper among young children. The laboratories are well equipped with demonstrable working models and materials required for conducting individual as well as group experiments/projects.

Through the practical sessions in the lab, children learn to reason, connect ideas and think logically. By associating theories learned in the classrooms with practical applications tested in the labs, they scientifically understand the phenomena around them. The mega, annual science exhibition, hosted by Vignan, has won wide acclaim from students and parents alike. This is an event the like of which many schools look forward to. Also, our students participate in prestigious state and national-level science exhibitions every year.

Robotics Lab

VIGNAN Schools strive to turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s innovators by providing technical skills, programming software, and various training programmes. Theory with experiential learning help students develop the innovativeness and problem-solving skills most required in the twenty-first century. The robotics experiments are brought into the classrooms to connect children with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Students begin learning about robotics in class III and continue it until class X. To assist students in creating engaging projects, complete robotics kits are made available to them. Fully programmable sensors, metal pieces, motors, and over 70 other elements are all included in the kit and can be utilized to create projects. Additionally, students get the chance to showcase their newly gained abilities in events like Robo-Cups.


EXTRA curricular reading is an important and healthy habit. We at Vignan strive our best to inculcate this habit among the students. We strongly believe that the creativity of the brain and the faculty of imagination are kept alive and alert by this all-important habit. Our library has an outstanding collection of books on various topics and subjects, in addition to the magazines and periodicals, daily newspapers and over 3000 reference books to suit the reading tastes of different age groups of children.

Atal Tinkering Lab

Innovation and entrepreneurship have become an integral part of our nation through which children are introduced to new technology every other day. In an unpredictable world, the jobs that our children may hold tomorrow are non-existent now. With a vision to “Cultivate 1 million children in India as Neoteric Innovators“, Atal Innovation Mission, an initiative of NITI Aayog, has established Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) in Schools across India. As per the same flagship initiative, out of 13,005 applications, Vignan School was among 257 selected schools nationwide to establish ATLs in the school. The new laboratories, which we call “innovation hub,” are intended to ignite students’ creativity outside the scope of the standard curriculum.

Now, the school premises are embellished with this new hub, and students from grades 6 to 10 have access to dedicated workspaces to acquire innovative skills

and develop ideas that may transform India for a better future. Our young children are now exposed to cutting-edge tools like 3D printers, robotics & electronics development devices, IoT, sensors, etc., and understand the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in much more accessible ways.


Growing children require nourishing food, and Vignan Schools shares this concern with parents. Day scholars and residential students are always given a well-balanced, healthy vegetarian meal. Expert dieticians create the day-to-day menu. At all times, only the highest quality ingredients, bakery goods, milk, fruits, vegetables, and filtered water are used.

The school also has a designated canteen officer who will oversee the basic sanitation and hygienic conditions of the premises, counters, utensils, crockery, and any food or drink or milk products offered.

Infirmary & Nurses

We have a well-equipped infirmary in the school manned by a trained nurse. Apart from giving first aid during school hours, we take care of the following functions:

Security & CCTV


Security Running a large campus with over 4000+ students is a massive responsibility that comes with its own set of difficulties. Vignan Schools has taken adequate steps to guarantee that teachers, staff, and students have a sufficient level of protection from the time they arrive on campus until they leave it. Each level of security is carefully planned with a combination of hybrid models, i.e., traditional and modern ways.


The school lays great emphasis on the security of its students and staff. CCTV Surveillance Systems with strategically installed cameras at the school gates, the administration and students’ block give a 360-degree view of the school premises thus ensuring regular monitoring and safety. Cameras are also placed inside the classrooms.

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