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Chairman Message

These are some of the thoughts simmering always in the mind of THE PERSON whom this page is going to portray. It is indeed a portrayal of a Saga in the field of education, and the person who gives vent to since thought is none other than Dr. Lavu Rathaiah, the President and Correspondent, of the Vignan group of Institutions, who always seeks for a new pleasure and satisfaction in work. Yes, his pioneering work has set great standards in the field of education in general and residential education in particular.


Born in a middle class agricultural family, Dr.Rathaiah observed during his educational career, how and why most of his friends had become dropouts from schools and colleges due to lack of guidance and direction. This has sowed the 1st seed in his mind as to what has to be done to prevent it, and in due course it has became an obsession for him that he should see people continue their education like himself and come up in their lives.


After completing his Post graduation, he has rightly done his doctoral thesis on Child Psychology, Teaching Methods, Thought Provoking Process in Children & Channeling of Creative Resources. His childhood goal of educating the people around made him start laying the foundations of the future of the Vignan Group of Institutions.


Dr.L.Rathaiah, the educationist, started Vignan Tutorials in 1982 and with the intiation of Vignan High school in 1983, a new era of education started in Andhra Pradesh. From then onwards, Vignan started spreading to many Junior colleges, Degree colleges, PG colleges, Engineering colleges, Pharmacy Colleges so much so that today Vignan has became the biggest Hub of educational activity in AP and Telangana setting benchmarks which other institutions can only dream of.


For a person who hails from an agricultural family, climbing up the peaks in the field of education has brought many laurels, yet the MASTER, as fondly called by his students, is humble enough to admit that he has to surmount many more peaks in his relentless crusade.


His belief that strong body makes a strong mind has been the driving force for all the institutions to have good canteen and playground facilities. One can ask the parents and take feedback about the quality of food that is being served across all Vignan Institutions. His contribution to education not only stopped with setting world class institutions, but this monumental pioneering effort has been extended to Vignan Publications which publish books written by experts in their respective subjects and which are helping not only the Vignan students, but students of other institutions also.

Quality Consciousness

He never compromises in providing best facilities for his students and believes their slightest negligence in providing student amenities will create false notions in the young minds about the institution and it’s faculty as a result of carelessness, lack of interest will creep into their minds, and even the best teaching methods under these circumstances won’t help improve their life.

He always has a strong conviction that an institution should make every student perform well in their studies and live up to the expectation the parents have for them. Such institution should provide a conducive atmosphere where there is no pollution in any form determining the students from doing better and better. Accordingly, all the Vignan Institutions have been set up far from the madding crowds in serene and calm environments.

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