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The primary curriculum is child-centered and activity based so that learning is made fun and enjoyable. The Classroom ACTIVITIES are designed in such a way so as to facilitate the young minds to observe, explore and learn about their immediate environment and the distant surroundings.

The key ingredients of the TEACHING METHODOLOGY include story narration, picture reading, puppet show, rhyme recitation, role play, art and craft.

The following STRATEGIES are involved to make teaching an everlasting learning experience:

Sharing circle

Group activities which help children to share their thoughts. At the same time it promotes active listening as well.

Show and tell

Plays a vital role in oral language development and builds confidence, where children get an opportunity to talk about familiar objects.

Picture books

Helps to develop sense of story where children learn to observe the minute details recollect the story lines and sequence the illustrations.

Co-operative learning

Helps children to socialise and work together in a group to accomplish a common task. This develops a better relationship among children and also boosts their confidence and adds to their self-esteem.

The focus from academic activities is towards enrichment of the intelligent quotient (IQ), total personality and various facets of learning encompassing the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. Compulsory reading of books in the Library enhances their reading and language skills.

Regular classes in art and craft, dance, physical education, field trips, value education and celebration of all religious festivals and National festivals empower the students towards development of emotional quotient (EQ), Physical quotient (PQ) and social quotient (SQ) and take pride in our culture and country.

The school assemblies as well as special assemblies offer ample opportunities for each student to go up on stage and showcase her/his talent, hone their communication skills, oratory skills & public speaking, personality development and confidence.
The following languages and the core subjects are an integral part of the primary curriculum.
The subjects offered at secondary level are:

While English is the medium of instruction, life skill education, GK, yoga are given due importance. Emphasis is also given on handwriting and spelling. Speaking and listening skills are enhanced with the help of Wordsworth English Language Lab.


Assessment of a student is a continuous process which is carried out in scholastic and co-scholastic areas yearlong. Periodic assessments are conducted to observe and evaluate student’s progress in academics and to take corrective measures from time to time for each student to reach the desired level of achievement.

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