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Middle School

The stimulating and secure learning environment at World One ensures happy, sensitive, lifelong learners who will be change makers in society. The secondary school years provide the foundation on which young learners build a promising and fulfilling future. This phase successfully provides for the emotional, physical and social well being of young minds who in turn will be self-aware, creative, empathetic.

The curriculum envisions all round development of students with the integration of co-curricular activities with curricular activities. Apart from skills and knowledge due attention is also paid to inculcating values which will stand them in good stead in life. The curriculum is learner-centered where students acquire various skills; building self-concept, sense of enterprise, sensibilities, leadership and sportsmanship.

The following STRATEGIES are involved to make teaching an everlasting learning experience:

Problem solving

Group activities where real-life situations are taken to sensitise children on how to deal with various situations in life.


Group activities that encourage children to focus on a topic and contribute ideas to explore what they know about the topic.

Co-operative learning

Helps children to socialise and work together in a group to accomplish a common task. This develops a better relationship among children and also boosts their confidence and adds to their self-esteem.

Importance is given to project-based learning, interdisciplinary approach, laboratory based learning, experiential learning and library based learning. Our digital classrooms help students assimilate the facts well.

The coming up of the state-of-the-art ATAL TINKERING LAB has taken scientific temper and spirit of enquiry to a new level of research and application based learning and students eagerly engage in learning science concepts, robotics and Internet of Things through experiments conducted in this ultra-modern set up.

Linguistic classes and use of English Language Lab develop communication, speaking and listening skills, robotic classes connect them to technology, and Vedic maths develops their analytical and numerical skills.

Classroom teaching is supplemented with many other activities like field trips. The life skills imbibed during these trips are indeed enduring lessons of life itself.
To foster love for nature we introduce our students to gardening. It is indeed delight to watch little hands digging up the soil, sowing seeds and watering them joyfully. It is the activity uplifts the soul and humbles the mind, paying tribute to the magnificent mother Nature.

The subjects offered at secondary level are:

Teachers play the role of facilitators enabling the students to learn in a joyful environment.


Annual examination will be conducted for 80 marks and internal assessment is for 20 marks. Internal assessment marks are distributed as follows: 10 marks for 3 periodic assessments, 5 marks for notebook maintenance and 5 marks for subject enrichment activities like reading, dictation, public speaking, project work, map work, model making, Lab activities etc.

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