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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have any questions, please call and we will answer you as quickly as possible. Before that, make sure that you visit this FAQs section. We are almost certain that your query is answered here!

About Admissions

When can we seek the admission?

The registrations for session 2023-2024 have already commenced from 5th October 2022.

Does Vignan Schools offer hostel facility?

Yes, Vignan Schools offers hostel facility in our Ghatkesar Campus and Medchal Campus

What is the Age criteria to join kid into Vignan Schools?




Child must complete 2 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 3 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 4 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 5 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 6 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 7 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 8 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 9 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 10 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 11 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 12 1/2+ years by 31st August.


Child must complete 13 1/2+ years by 31st August.

Is there any admission preference giving to the sibling of the child?

Yes, The Vignan Schools will give first preference to the sibling of the students already studying in anyone of our schools in Hyderabad. and they have a seat reservation for the same. We are well aware that most of the parents prefer to have all their children study in the same school and it would help them for better education, coordination and logistical too.

What is the fee structure?

The fee structure for each class varies. We also give 100% tuition fee waiver to the eligible students. Parents who visit during the admissions process will receive precise information about the comprehensive fee structure as well as the opportunity to see the extensive infrastructure of the Vignan Schools.

What is the process for Admission?
  • Walk-in into any one of our campuses
  • Obtain registration form from one of our counsellors.
  • Submit the duly filled admission form and attach photocopies of relevant documents.
  • Assessment of the registration form and check for eligibility of class filled.
  • Written / Oral Test
  • Check for eligibility
  • Confirmation of admission
  • Block the seat and submit required documents
What is the pattern of admission for admission test?

Admission Test is conducted on the basis of syllabus of previous class studied. For instance, a test for a student applying for admission to Class VI will be based on Class V’s syllabus. If needed, sample papers can be requested from the school office.

What are to documents be submitted after my kid admission is confirmed?

Nursery to Grade 1:

  • Filled in enquiry form for registration.
  • Original / Notarized Birth Certificate of the students as issued by the Statutory Authorities.
  • If the child is not fresher, copy of previous academic year.
  • Copy of address proof
  • 2 latest passport size photographs of the child.

Grade 2 to Grade 12: 

  • Filled in enquiry form for registration.
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Original school leaving certificate or transfer certificate from the recognised school.
  • Copy of conduct certificate duly signed by previous school.
  • Photocopy of the progress / report card of the previous schooling year.
  • Heath information form given by the school.
  • Copy of address proof
  • 2 Latest passport size photographs of the child.
  • Aadhar Card photocopy
After joining, do you have any scholarships for merit students?

Yes, we do. Annual merit scholarships are granted worth of Rs. 50 Lakhs for Nizampet, Madinaguda & Patancheru branches. Students of Grade VI to Grade IX are eligible for merit scholarships. Top 10 ranks are awarded merit scholarships.

How can I contact the school

About Transport Facility

Do you have the transport facility?

An extensive multi route bus facility is offered by the school. Our buses ply almost on 20-25 routes. We cover almost 10 kms circumference from the school.

Will the bus pick-up/drop my child till my doorstep?

As far as it is possible, the bus would pick up kids from the region or area. We strive to make the child and parent as comfortable as possible.

Is there anyone who can accompany my child in the buses?

Keeping security of students in mind, we provide free transportation to all teaching and non-teaching staff of Vignan Schools. Many of our employees commute in most of the school buses up to their stop. Nevertheless, female security personnel are stationed at every route to accompany the kids. Children safety is our main concern.

We have changed our address recently, what is the procedure to change the pick up/drop point?

The address can be changed by sending an application through email or in writing or simply notify to the class teacher.

About School

What facilities do you have?

Good infrastructure, spacious & well-ventilated classrooms with Smart boards, child sized customized furniture and equipment, sports complex, library, labs, playgrounds, dedicated areas for extracurricular activities, infirmary and transport (AC buses).

Which curriculum or board do you follow?

The school follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum.

What is the syllabus going to be like?

Vignan Schools, Hyderabad follows the curriculum which is age appropriate and has the uniqueness to meet all ability levels as per the NEP 2020 guidelines.

What is the average class strength?


Students per section





Middle School


High School


What is the Teacher: Student ratio in your school?

The teacher student ratio is 1:39 (or less), whereas for nursery and PP classes we have 1:25 ratio (approx.)

What is the teaching methodology at Vignan Schools?

The philosophy of Vignan School is to foster an environment where the child not only learns, but also enjoys learning. We try to relate everything with the practical world and provide hands on experience rather than merely introducing a concept directly from the textbook. The emphasis on academics, extra-curricular activities and sports is an integral part of curriculum.

What are the qualifications of your teachers? Do they leave in the middle of the academic year?

According to the regulations of the educational boards, we only hire qualified and certified teachers.

Teachers rarely depart in the middle of the academic year due to transfers or medical emergencies. In such a case, we make sure that a qualified replacement is on hand before the teacher departs

Do you have a teacher’s training programme in your school?

Undoubtedly, we offer teachers internal training. Additionally, as required by the board, teachers participate in subject-related training. Senior teachers develop freshly hired teachers to uphold high standards for teaching.

We heard that Vignan Schools offers 20+ activities. How does it help my child?

“Chalk and Talk” philosophy is not something we support. The exposure to various activities helps the students to develop their creativity, independence, self-reliance, and confidence. They are more equipped to contribute to society as valuable citizens.

Which do you prioritize more, academics or activities?

A careful balance between the two is kept and rigidly observed for the child’s overall development. Academics are prioritized, but students are also required to participate in sports of their choice.

How do you use technology in current education?

At Vignan, we give emphasis on technology in education. Every classroom digitized and are equipped with smart boards or digital projectors.

Do children have to carry all books home every day?

Books and notebooks are kept by students in their own personal lockers in the classroom. The school backpack contains almost no other items besides the school diary. Textbooks and notebooks are only be taken home if they are needed for homework or test preparation.

Any extra care is taken for week students?

Yes, we do provide extra coaching as per the needs of the child.

How can parents be connected to the school? Or how approachable is your school to the parent?

Using the SchoolKnot App
Parents can access their child’s attendance, announcements, syllabus, projects, assignments, tasks, exams, and test datasheets via the SchoolKnot App. If a child is absent from school, parents are notified via SMS as well. Parents and teachers can communicate to keep each other informed about the child’s academic progress through WhatsApp as well.

Using social media

To receive regular updates, parents can like and follow the school’s Facebook page.

During a face-to-face encounter

On the scheduled date and time, parents are welcome to visit the school and speak with the class teacher, or with the principal.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parents are invited to visit the school after each term to talk with the class teacher about their child’s progress.

What kind of parent involvement do you have at the school?

Under normal circumstances, our doors are always open to parents, and throughout the year parents will have the opportunity to join us for special events such as birthday/holiday celebrations and community/charity events. However, given current circumstances, all school visits should be discussed with our school Principal.

How can we be assured about the safety of my child?

The safety, health, and hygiene of the students are always given top priority by the school and also ensures a system of emergency preparedness.

  • CCTV cameras covers the entire institution and monitor the activities of students, staff and employees.
  • Fire drills and emergency evacuation drills are held on a regular basis.
  • The maintenance team is in charge of routinely inspecting the safety devices in addition to normal building maintenance.
  • The school plans programmes to help students and staff prepare for natural catastrophes and receive basic life support training. 
  • Regular programs raise awareness of hazards, avoid injuries, address dangerous or unhealthy circumstances, and address unsafe or unhealthy situations.
  • Security personnal are always posted at the school’s entrance. Every visitor’s entry and exit are logged.
  • In addition, women floor in-charges are stationed on every floor to perform corridor responsibilities, monitoring and overseeing student movement.
  • All students are issued with ID cards.
  • Every bathroom door on every floor has a lady guard assigned to it. They keep an eye out for any student entering or leaving the restrooms.

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