World One School, Kondapur

      In 2013, the World One School was established as the first of its kind within the Vignan group, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Lavu Rathaiah, a renowned educationist, trendsetter, and influential figure in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. This institution has been dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of contemporary society by embracing an educational philosophy that nurtures a child’s holistic development. This holistic approach combines academic prowess, sports, creative skills, and leadership qualities.

      Situated on a sprawling 24-acre expanse of lush, green, and tranquil surroundings, the World One Cambridge & CBSE School boasts modern amenities. Its facilities include spacious, well-lit, air-conditioned classrooms equipped with digital technology. The school also offers extensive sports fields for football, volleyball, tennis, kho-kho, and cricket. Moreover, it provides air-conditioned buses with GPS tracking for safe transportation. The Worldone International & CBSE school’s mission extends beyond academic excellence, aiming to instill spiritual well-being and social consciousness in its students.

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      Why is WorldONE School right for me?

      Well, that’s true!! Out of every CBSE school in and around Hyderabad, why is Vignan’s World ONE alone the place utmost suitable for your children? We do cater to every need of your child, but first let’s answer the WHY?

      State 1st Rank In X CBSE 2024

      WOS CBSE Results 2024

      Searching for CBSE Schools Near Me? Discover World One International School


      If you’re looking for top-rated CBSE schools in near me, World One International School is your premier choice. Ranked 1st in the state for X CBSE results, our school offers an exceptional educational experience combining academic excellence with holistic development. Our state-of-the-art 24-acre campus provides a nurturing environment where students excel in both CBSE and Cambridge curriculums.

      Why Choose Us?

      • Academic Excellence: Achieved state 1st rank in X CBSE results.
      • Comprehensive Curriculum: Offering both CBSE and Cambridge programs.
      • Outstanding Facilities: Spanning 24 acres with world-class sports amenities.
      • Champion Athletes: Winners of the SFA 2023 championship and home to a prestigious cricket academy.

      When searching for CBSE schools in near me, choose World One International School for a world-class education. Enroll today!

      Our Unique FACILITIES

      24 Acre Campus
      CBSE & Cambridge
      3800+ Students &
      350+ Staff
      2.8k+ Books in the Library
      460 Security Cameras &
      80 Security personnel

      CBSE: Curriculum

      CAMBRIDGE: Curriculum

      Message From Chairman

      Dr. Lavu Rathaiah

      Founder & Chairman

      Vignan Group of Institutions

      Dr. Lavu Rathaiah

      Founder & Chairman

      Vignan Group of Institutions

      “The difference between dreamers and innovators is that a dreamer just dreams and does nothing to realize it, while an innovator paves his own path and breathes life into his ideas. That streak of originality is the distinct quality that makes innovators a breed apart from the mere people of this world. At Vignan, we strive to make every student to be an innovator for a better self, better society and better nation”. In order to expand the moral and social contexts of one’s lives, our institution’s role goes beyond imparting only curriculum-based knowledge.

      We create and maintain an environment that allows the individual student to develop himself while acquiring the skills and attitudes required to evolve himself into an active and responsible citizen”.

      Dr. L. Rathaiah

      Our Facilities

      Our Curriculum

      Affiliation No.

      Affiliation No.


      For Admissions & More Details, Call Us @ 073309 99137

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      Affiliation & Syllabus

      World One School, Kondapur, is a Co-Educational school & Affiliated to CBSE & Cambridge. Kindly visit the school in case you wish to know about the Syllabus in detail.

      School Location


      Survey No. 45,, Hafeezpet, Near Kondapur RTO Office, Kondapur, behind HICC & Novotel, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084

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