WorkShop (IX & X)


Event Title: Workshop for Upcoming Leaders by Social Activist Mr.Sandeep Pandey
Event Date& Time: 16/12/2017 & 4:30PM
Event Location/ Place: World One School
Guests at the event: Social Activist Mr.Sandeep Pandey, Mrs.Kiranmaiye.
Why was the event Conducted: There is a good saying like, “If you want to shine like a sun, First burn like a sun”. To become a big social Reformer we need gain some qualities within us.
Event Description: To build Leadership quality for our out coming leaders (IX & X) from our school we had a good session by the guest “Mr.Sandeep Pandey”, ‘Mrs. Kiranmaiye’ and our principal and vice Principal . We have conducted this session between the students and the guest. Our students posed many questions for the queries they had in their mind and get them solved. That was a good workshop conducted by the social activist.



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