Sense Of Organs


Event Title : Sense of Organs
Event Date& Time: 13/12/2017 & 10:00AM
Event Location/ Place: world one school
Why was the event Conducted: To get the Knowledge on Sense of Organs as a part of experiential learning.
Event Description: A seed germinates and a sapling comes out. And when we water the sapling a daily it becomes a plant and grows into a tree.
In the same manner an infant grows a day by day and becomes an adult. To have a good knowledge and to know the value of the organs from the infant age we take care of 5 organs of our body. That 5 organs play a major role in our life. Those are called “ Sense of Organs”.
Our little kids of pr-primary experienced this activity by having a interesting lecture by this educator.
They can identify their sense of organs by telling
‘Eyes’ to ‘See’
‘Nose’ to ‘Smell’
‘Ears’ to ‘Hear’
‘Tongue’ to ‘Taste’
‘Skin’ to ‘feel’



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