Learning at World One

Learning at World One

Affiliation With CBSE NO Is 130439

Right from inception in all our Vignan Schools, we strongly believe that right growth of children is possible only through right intellectual, physical, emotional and social growth.

Intellectual Growth

  • Activity based education is provided to all the classes to make learning more assimilative and scientific.
  • In pre-primary classes, Montessori methods are implemented through artistically prepared charts, models and video-clippings.
  • Proper training from Grade III level itself to face the competitive exams like NTSE, International Olympiad, Eduranet etc., with full confidence and courage.
  • Our foundation course in vedic mathematics, abacus and handwriting gives additional help to our students.
  • In support of all these, we have different facilities like Smart classes, ICT lab, Science labs (Biological and Physical Sciences) and a library (with a large number of National and International Publications, Journals, Magazines and Periodicals).

Physical Growth:

  • Physical development is essential for the healthy development of the mental faculties. So Sports and Physical training in Vignan constitute an essential part of the school education.
  • Spacious and well-ventilated class rooms to improve concentration.
  • Not only the best and senior players but all children need to pick an activity from the coaches who are fully conversant with instruction programmes. They give training after school hours as well.
  • Our sprawling play fields facilitate over ten different  kinds of sports and games like Golf, Cricket, Basket Ball, Football, Tennis, Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Kho-kho, Kabbadi, Karate and Taekwondo.
  • To develop the child’s creative faculties, we give classes in Yoga, Music (instrumental and vocal), Dance, Paint, Art & craft and  Chess.

Emotional Growth

  • Our teacher mentors adopt 20 children for academic year and regularly counsel them to see that there is a proper emotional, intellectual and physical development.
  • Discipline is maintained not through strict punishments and fines but by modifying the natural behavior of the child.

Social Growth

  • We not only as job seekers envision and ensure that our children become competent and successful as job seekers but also job creators.
  • Once in 2 weeks activities like Vanamahotsav, School Fete, donating a fistful of rice to the needy are conducted which are all conceived, managed and executed by the students for improving their confidence levels, management abilities and communication skills.

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